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Native Ads

Quickest and most complete way to find native ads across multiple ad networks

Adplexity UI

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Effortlessly Find and Analyze 
Top Native Ads

Search Native 
Ads by Keyword

Easily find ads containing specific keywords, whether on their landing pages or within the ad content itself

Search Native&nbsp;<br />Ads by Keyword

Competitor's Ads

Peek into your competitors' top ads and get insights on what's working

Reveal&nbsp;<br />Competitor&apos;s Ads

See all Ads Running on Publisher Sites

Check out the most successful ads on popular networks like Outbrain, Taboola, MGID, and many more

See all Ads Running on Publisher Sites

Filter Ads by Affiliate Network

Reveal the best-performing ads on affiliate networks like MediaForce, ClickBank, BuyGoods, and more

Filter Ads by Affiliate Network

Top Ads on 
Arbitrage Networks

Discover profitable ads from networks like Tonic and Sedo to improve your ad strategy

Top Ads on&nbsp;<br />Arbitrage Networks
Search Native&nbsp;<br />Ads by Keyword

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Always Wondered How That One 
Competitor is so Successful?

AdPlexity does this exact thing for you: Reveals all the metrics of a successful native campaign

Ad Trend

Find the best days for your ads: See which days get the most attention to plan your campaign.

Target Devices

Know where to advertise: See if people prefer your ads on phones or computers.

Traffic Sources

Find out where the best clicks come from: Focus on places that bring more visitors to your ads.


Easily see the tracking tool used on any landing page.

Premium Features 
You Will Find Only on AdPlexity

It's a complete solution to find inspiration - including the ability to download landing pages and customize them

Download Landing Pages

Find successful pages and download them with images, CSS, and JavaScript in one .zip file.

Set alerts on Competitors

Get notified every time one of your competitors posts a new campaign.

Dynamic Display: Choose Your View

Switch with ease between grid, list, and landing page views for a easier browsing experience

Save and Organize Ads

Save the best ads and organize them as you desire in one place

Why Choose AdPlexity?

Adplexity is the only spy tool with the largest database of ad campaigns


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Transparent Pricing, No Hidden Fees with AdPlexity Native

  • Native ads data (7 networks)
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